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Letter: Reckless drivers dishonor Warren Spahn’s fine name

Reckless drivers dishonor Warren Spahn’s fine name

There is a road that cuts through Cazenovia Park in South Buffalo that runs from Abbott Road to North Legion and Seneca Street. This road is named Warren Spahn Way, but his name should not be associated with it.

Spahn, a South Buffalo legend, is arguably the greatest athlete born in Buffalo. He is a Hall of Fame left-handed pitcher who won 363 games, more than any other left-handed pitcher. He was also a World War II combat hero, who was awarded a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star and a battlefield commission. He is survived by a son, Gregory, and two granddaughters.

Such a remarkable man should not be affiliated with a road that has become a speedway, with an inevitable accident around every curve. A 15-mph speed limit is posted, but most drivers drive two or three times that limit.

When someone – a jogger, a dog walker, a cyclist, a baby buggy walker or a pedestrian who is forced to walk in the road after a snowstorm – is injured by a speeding motorist, that tragedy should not be linked to Spahn’s name. Rename the road for a narcissist like the drivers who regularly speed on it.

Really – it’s a park.

Jay B. Duderwick