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Falconer overdose confirmed as heroin

JAMESTOWN – A Falconer woman in her mid-20s died Friday from an overdose of pure heroin, Jamestown police reported Wednesday.

Testing by the New York State Police Crime Lab confirmed that the drug the woman used, which came to her in a pink package, contained no other chemicals or agents, according to the state crime lab report.

Police had wondered whether the heroin sold in a pink package similar to one used by two drug addicts in nearby Lakewood who survived their overdoses, might have been laced with the painkiller fentanyl. Such heroin mixtures are touted by traffickers as giving users an extra “pop” but are linked to frequently fatal overdoses.

Jamestown Police Capt. Robert Samuelson said the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force which investigated the Falconer death asked the state crime lab to examine the drugs the woman was known to have used.