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Niagara Falls residents urged to run water to prevent frozen lines

NIAGARA FALLS - City residents are being advised to run water in their homes to prevent their service lines from freezing, the Niagara Falls Water Board announced Tuesday.

Residents should run their taps at the lowest point of their residence or property to help prevent their service line – the pipe which connects to homes from the water mains under the street – from freezing.

Water Board officials said they are making the recommendation based on the record cold temperatures and the weather forecast for the area.

The program is voluntary and residents will not be eligible for reimbursement. For the average customer, running a steady stream will cost about $1 per day.

The advisory will remain in effect until further notice, the Water Board said, as the frost line has dipped lower than 4 feet in many areas of the city.

As of Tuesday, there were 172 properties with frozen water service, up from 133 properties last Thursday.