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3 face drug and weapons charges after 2 Buffalo SWAT team raids

As SWAT team members charged into a Black Rock drug house, a suspect grabbed his shotgun and loaded it, believing he was under attack from someone other than police.

SWAT officers had repeatedly shouted “police” as they were entering the East Street residence, but Eric Lovern still loaded the gun, authorities said. Luckily, it jammed, but Lovern then switched to Plan B.

The 24-inch blade of a bayonet that was already strapped to his right forearm pointed at the approaching SWAT team, but at the last minute, he lowered the blade and officers subdued him without incident early Monday morning.

A mile away in Riverside and about 20 minutes later, at 6:30 a.m., the same SWAT team was greeted by two “aggressive dogs,” a 150-pound mastiff and a 110-pound pit bull, in a Mayer Avenue drug house believed to contain high-powered long guns, police said.

That raid also ended without injury.

Because the dogs did not appear ready to attack, SWAT team members allowed residents to place the dogs in another room, police said.

“This has been the SWAT team’s standard operating procedure for years, rather than destroy the animals if they aren’t in attack mode,” said Intelligence Unit Detective Earl Perrin.

Information leading to the raids was obtained from members of the community working with the Intelligence Unit.

At 460 East, police seized Lovern’s loaded shotgun; a loaded 9 mm handgun that had been stolen in the Rochester area; two loaded rifles; and two fake handguns in addition to the bayonet and an assortment of other knives. Numerous packages of marijuana and a scale also were confiscated.

Lovern, 22, and his girlfriend, Jordan Czarmara, 18, were charged with possession of the weapons and marijuana, police said.

At 14 Mayer Ave., police seized a loaded assault rifle and a loaded shotgun that was described as a “tactical” weapon capable of shooting up to 15 rounds. There were also several knives with curved and serrated blades seized by police.

Police described the inside of the residence as a marijuana growing operation and confiscated special lights, scales and packaging equipment. Charged in that raid was Tylor Fierro, 20, whose dogs are now under the care of a relative.

All three suspects are in Erie County Holding Center and scheduled to appear in City Court on Friday.