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Letter: Why doesn’t America take care of veterans?

Why doesn’t America take care of veterans?

In 1956, I knew I was about to be drafted so I enlisted in the Marines, soon to be followed by my three brothers. The Marines was a great experience and great lessons were learned. I remember my first Christmas leave when a telegram arrived at my home ordering me to report immediately to the Buffalo Airport because of a problem in Lebanon. I can remember bumping others off our flight as we embarked on our journey. Looking out the small window, I wondered what the heck I had gotten myself into. Many others can relate to similar experiences.

In those days, we had the draft. Serving our country was expected, and we did same without question. Today we have no draft and it is the children of the poor and unemployed who volunteer for service. They are no less dedicated and they have suffered horrible loss of life and horrendous injuries. Congress and the talking heads on TV have made the loss of four lives in Benghazi a major issue. What about the more than 4,000 men and women lost in Iraq and Afghanistan? The TV constantly has messages from the Wounded Warrior Project. Isn’t it the government’s job to take care of these heroes?

A recent TV report showed all of the U.S. weapons ISIS has taken from the Iraq Army. Now the terrorists are fighting against us with our own weapons. It seems to me the only benefit is to the munitions manufacturers. Years ago, our presidents and representatives served in the military. If there was a draft today, I wonder how many of these representatives or their children would serve? I also wonder how many parents would object to these wars if their children were drafted? Would I volunteer today? Probably not.

Allen F. Scioli