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Letter: It’s great to see students support young musicians

It’s great to see students support young musicians

While recently attending the Grand Island Central School District’s Kaleidoscope Orchestra Concert, I was privileged to witness one of the most positive, heartwarming acts I have seen in ages. The annual Kaleidoscope concert features all of the string orchestra students in the district, starting with the fourth-grade beginning students and progressing through to the high school orchestra and select performance groups.

The fourth-graders are notoriously a nervous and excited bunch as they pluck and bow their way through the opening numbers on instruments most of them have been playing for only about six months. How thrilling it must have been for them when, at the conclusion of their performance, the entirety of the high school and middle school orchestra members stood in unison and gave them a prolonged standing ovation. I can think of nothing more encouraging to a beginning student than to be recognized in such a way by the very students they hope to emulate in the years to come.

Every one of those teenagers should be commended for providing such a profound display of support and encouragement to the younger children. Clearly they have learned far more from their involvement in the music program than just how to play an instrument.

Ann Duquin

Grand Island