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Letter: Schools should not distribute condoms

Schools should not distribute condoms

As the Buffalo Board of Education entertains a proposal to distribute condoms to high school students, I suggest it include consideration of bariatric surgery as well, so as not to leave our obese students behind. Sex and eating are both fun, so let’s make sure the kids enjoy life to the fullest. And let’s teach the kids that we have defeated those unpleasant consequences that used to pop up like pregnancy and early death.

Our board has the right idea to focus between the knees and not between the ears. Hey, let’s face it, controlling your appetites and impulses is no fun – and isn’t fun what life is all about? So what if you don’t learn self-control and find yourself unable to hold a job? You know the system will make sure you have food and a place to stay.

Planned Parenthood, an outgrowth of Margaret Sanger’s American Birth Control League, will applaud approval of the distribution scheme as it advances Sanger’s founding purpose of reducing the numbers of the “shiftless, ignorant and worthless class of anti-social whites of the South,” and others.

John Joyce