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Avoid injuries during cold-weather training

This Western New York winter hardly has been an outdoor runner’s paradise. Yet with the first big race of the season looming – the 8K Shamrock Run next Saturday in the Old First Ward – the desire to train outside intensifies.

Dr. Michael Jordan, left, a sports medicine and family medicine practitioner with Lifetime Health Medical Group, offered tips for runners looking to avoid cold-related injuries while training out in the elements in the next few weeks:

Leave the headphones at home: You’ll be more attentive to your surroundings to avoid dangers such as snowplows and swerving cars.

Heed the weather: Avoid running on the roads in snowy conditions when visibility is poor. Check conditions and forecasts before heading out, particularly for a long run.

Dress right: Wear bright-colored, reflective clothing or a reflective vest; wear layers of clothing that will help you maintain your core body temperature during the run, as well as keep you warm during warm-up and cool-down.

Shoe care: Wear traction devices on your running shoes if you’ll be running where there is snow or ice cover.

Plan B: Know where to find shelter along the way if the weather becomes severe; if you drive to a trail or route, leave a change of dry clothes and a blanket in the car in case of emergency;

Do not ignore shivering: It is an important first sign that the body is losing heat, and you may be in danger of hypothermia. Seek warm shelter.