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Dear Abby: Pregnant teen needs support and guidance, not rejection

Dear Abby: My best friend from school is pregnant. Her baby’s father is practically nonexistent, and she has no other friends besides me and one other person. I am the only one so far who knows about her pregnancy. She hasn’t told her dad and her grandparents because she’s scared they’ll kick her out. She has nowhere to go. My parents have told me to cut her off. What should I do?

– Unsure in Texas

Dear Unsure: Because your friend is afraid to tell her family, she should talk to a counselor at school. The family will have to know soon because her pregnancy will become obvious, and she will need prenatal care so her baby will be born healthy.

I don’t agree with your parents that you should “cut her off.” She needs friends right now and you can learn much from watching this scenario from the sidelines. Stress to her how important it is that she graduates from high school, because if she keeps her baby, she will need to be able to support it. Your state department of social services should also be contacted for guidance.

Don’t argue over gas costs

Dear Abby: Two friends decide to take a road trip to Miami. One lives in New York and the other in North Carolina. They agree to use the New Yorker’s car and split the cost of the gas.

The New Yorker says the amount to be split is the cost of the fuel from New York to Miami and back to New York. The North Carolinian says the cost to be split should be from North Carolina to Miami and back to North Carolina. Which is fair?

– Road Weary

Dear Road Weary: Really? If you two can’t agree on your own, I have a suggestion for you: Cancel the trip. If you do, it may save the friendship.

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