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Letter: Mayor needs to resolve firefighter promotions

Mayor needs to resolve firefighter promotions

Mayor Byron Brown’s latest speech on Buffalo moving forward with fairness and diversification sounded great and paints a pretty picture in The News. But in one area, the mayor has fallen flat and he refuses to correct a wrong in the Fire Department.

In 2007, 12 of Buffalo’s bravest were passed over for promotion because there were no eligible black candidates left on the promotional list. If this was the other way around, this case would be history. These 12 white firefighters have suffered for eight years and are still no closer to resolving this issue than they were in 2007.

This issue never should have reached the courts. It could have been handled quickly and resolved in house. The firefighters should have all been promoted, case closed. After eight years of litigation, and million-dollar settlement figures being thrown around, the case still has not been resolved.

I realize Brown was not in office when this injustice took place, but he had the time and opportunity to rectify a wrong. Fire Department morale would get a much-needed boost and the mayor’s fairness and diversification proclamation would be more believable if he would resolve this issue.

Phil Ryan

Retired Buffalo fire lieutenant

West Seneca