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Letter: Many are going stir crazy as cabin fever takes hold

Many are going stir crazy as cabin fever takes hold

It’s official – the winter doldrums have set in. The dictionary defines it as a period of inactivity, or to be low in spirits. Not to be confused with drinking under the table.

For most of us, there is no way to live in Western New York during the winter months and escape this condition. Everywhere you go, people are talking and complaining about this winter. The November storm, the snow and the cold.

Since I am a native and have been through many, many winters, I have learned to cope with the doldrums and the cabin fever that accompanies it. The following activities have been helpful to me. Feel free to adapt them for yourself: Give a Jell-O cube to your cat. This will provide hours of fun and relaxation for you and your cat. Fill two ice cube trays with water. Place one outside, and one in your freezer. Take bets on which will freeze first. Go grocery shopping. Stand in a long checkout line. Talk loudly to a fellow shopper how you don’t believe in getting a flu shot. Start coughing.

Hide the TV remote. Make sure the channel is set to PBS during pledge week. Watch Martha Stewart. Buy a glue gun. Take a trip to the emergency room, and then to the craft store to return the glue gun. Catch the flu in the ER waiting room. Call everyone you know and tell them how sick you are.

These activities should last you until spring, glorious spring, when we take off that big sweater we’ve been wearing all winter and notice how much weight we gained. But we won’t have to worry about that for another six weeks or so. In conclusion, I love Buffalo and wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Carol J. Russell