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Third plan to put slaughterhouse on East Side is withdrawn

A proposal to put a halal slaughterhouse on the East Side is dead.

The application for the project was withdrawn by Mdkabir Howlader and Mohammed Rahman, before it was to come up before the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals for consideration on Thursday.

The Bismillah Poultry investors had sought to kill chickens, lambs and cattle according to Islamic dietary law, which requires severing the jugular vein of animals with a sharp knife.

An unsigned note to the Zoning Board indicated the developers pulled the application after encountering community opposition.

“We realized so many people were against it, and it may hurt the community, and we never intended to do anything bad in the community. We are business-minded people and would like to invest where everyone is benefited, and serve the community,” the note read.

About a dozen animal rights activists and residents of the neighborhood of 614 Broadway showed up at a Jan. 21 Zoning Board meeting, which postponed consideration of the slaughterhouse because the investors’ attorney was absent.

Also, a meeting that the investors were encouraged to hold with the community never transpired.

Howlader and Rahman had said they were prepared to spend up to $100,000 to convert the rundown brick building, after purchasing it for $20,000.

“There are a lot of Muslim people living on the East Side, and they are looking for a slaughterhouse like this,” Howlader said last month.

The proposed halal facility is the third proposed – and later withdrawn – for the East Side since 2007.