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Letter: Aggressive attitude can result in death

Aggressive attitude can result in death

Anyone who saw the video of Michael Brown stealing from and pushing the much smaller storekeeper also saw Brown’s basic attitude. His contempt, anger and very evident lack of respect for anyone or anything were quite clear to most people. It may have been a police officer’s bullet, but it was Brown’s attitude, which his parents allowed to develop, that got him killed.

The cop in New York City who used a chokehold on Eric Garner should have immediately been fired when that video was revealed because it is against the rules to use a chokehold. The victim, however, should not have resisted arrest. It must also be said, though, that the chokehold could not have been too tight because the victim was able to say, “I can’t breathe,” indicating that the cops who held him down on his chest and stomach probably were the ones who precipitated the heart attack that killed him. However, the cops who started the physicality also were at fault. They all should be disciplined. Bad attitudes of the cops and the victim contributed to the results.

The cop who shot the 11-year-old kid holding a toy gun should be charged with murder. Proper training would have had the cop car driver stay on the street and slowly approach, so as to not scare the kid, and then use the loud speaker to tell the kid to put the gun down. Aggressive attitudes by both cops got the hapless boy killed.

This is the black and white of attitude. Let’s call things the way they really were.

Daniel P. Brown