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Letter: Weather reporting has been excessive

Weather reporting has been excessive

Stop the presses! Breaking news! It’s cold outside. It’s February. It may snow. Thanks for the info.

Does every local TV station have to tell us this at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of each of its half-hour programs? Do I need to be told that if I venture out at 2 a.m. wearing a T-shirt and sandals that it will be very dangerous to my health?

This “wind chill” factor that we are advised of is, at times, rather superfluous. It was 3 degrees on Friday afternoon when I went to the post office. Guess what? All of the snow and ice on my car was completely melted from the glorious sunshine all day long. How can ice and snow melt when it’s 3 degrees out? Why doesn’t the weather report give us the “warmth factor”? Does the wind chill diminish when there is no wind? Boost Buffalo!

Jim Vasi