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Letter: Many great teachers bring yoga into gyms

Many great teachers bring yoga into gyms

I was reading the Feb. 21 News article, “Unity through yoga,” and was quite taken back by Jocelyn Kowalczyk’s opinion that yoga teachers at gyms such as LA Fitness do not care about the “health of the community.” That comment is the direct opposite of what she is trying to accomplish of unifying through yoga.

I teach at both LA Fitness and a local studio that focuses on health and wellness. My students at both places get the same class, with the attention to their wellness. They are given the tools necessary to understand yoga as a way of life and not as an exercise. They do not practice next to someone on a treadmill, and my students at the gym are treated as family.

Insinuating that the yoga classes at a gym are somehow lesser is insulting to the many great teachers bringing “studio” yoga into the gyms. Maybe before making assumptions about yoga at a gym, she should come practice with me. I would be glad to help her understand true unity comes from bringing all yogis together, not from insulting the yogis at gyms.

Ann Perno

Niagara Falls