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Front page Feb. 24, 1915: 'Black flag battalion' blocks investigation of islands deal

Among the day's top local news:

"Sullivan's black flag battalion blocks probe of islands deal"

"The same old Sullivan crew in the board of aldermen rallied under the black flag again yesterday afternoon and blocked an attempt to take the lid off the mysterious island deal.

"A resolution which would have brought these mysterious politicians from under cover and out into the daylights where the public could see them and know who had put up this job to unload an ancient and collapsing elevator and two weed-grown, idle islands on the city was promptly received with almost hysterical opposition and decisively beaten."

"Mrs. Cynthia Buffum spends three hours here, en route"

"Mrs. Cynthia Buffalo spent something more than three hours in this city this afternoon, en route from Auburn to Little Valley, where she will be returned to the county jail. Mrs. Buffum, who was convicted last year of poisoning her husband, Willie Buffum, at their farm home, was recently granted a new trial by the Court of Appeals."

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Feb 24 1915

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