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Baby giraffe born at Buffalo Zoo

Meet the Buffalo Zoo’s newest baby – Zuri, a female giraffe, the zoo announced Tuesday.

Zuri is Swahili for “beautiful” or “lovely.”

The 112-pound baby was born Saturday to 20-year-old Agnes. The baby’s father is 3-year-old Moke, who also sired Sampson, a male giraffe born to mother A.J. in October.

According to a statement from the Zoo, the giraffe house will be closed temporarily while the mother takes some time to bond with her baby, and the herd adjusts to her presence. Zoo visitors will be able to enter the vestibule of the giraffe house and view the animals through the windows.

The gestation period of giraffes is around 15 months. Calves usually remain with their mothers until they are around 22 months old.