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Letter: Williams can switch to a career in politics

Williams can switch to a career in politics

So, Brian Williams’ credibility is shot as a national news anchor at NBC because he embellished on a story he repeatedly told the world, which was later proven to be false. Suspended for six months from NBC, what does he do now to regain his popularity and trust? Run for the Democratic nomination for the presidency! He has the looks, command of the English language and can lie with the best of them.

Now he has to understand that on the Democratic side, the leader in the clubhouse is the person the New York Times’ William Safire called a “pathological liar,” our favorite, Hillary Clinton. Whether it be dodging bullets in Bosnia, being named after Sir Edmund Hillary or making a killing in the commodities market thanks to the Wall Street Journal’s advice, Hillary has turned telling a lie into an art form. So the competition is tough. Can either of them rise to the dishonesty level of “If you like your doctor, you can keep him. If you like your insurance plan, you can keep it”? That’s the presidential challenge of dishonesty that lies ahead. But if anyone can do it, I am confident Clinton and Williams can.

Man, I wish I was in the asbestos pants business.

Ken Wojcieszek