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Letter: Parents have to make school No. 1 priority

Parents have to make school No. 1 priority

I am writing in regard to the article published in Viewpoints on Feb. 8, “For the future of our children, public schools must be reformed.” The first thing that needs to happen is education needs to be a No. 1 priority in everyone’s house. If parents do not stress to their children the importance of going to school, they won’t go!

In Buffalo, of course, a huge issue is poverty. I’m not sure how to correct or help this, other than getting more people to work. Yes, I do think that children should go to their neighborhood schools and families need to be “vested” in their child’s education.

If families do not have books in their houses, they need to get them. Children need to be read to before they enter kindergarten. If not, they are already well behind in school. Children come to school with a very limited vocabulary, which hinders their ability to read. Being read to helps to build this vocabulary.

The basis for democracy is public education, in which all children, regardless of race, socioeconomic background, learning difficulties or whatever, have a free, public education. Charter schools are not the answer. They do not need to keep children with special needs, arrest records, learning difficulties or those who speak other languages. In Buffalo, a new School Board would be ideal. It wastes a lot of money on foolish ideas and more money on people who cannot help the district.

I think running TV commercials on the importance of reading with your children, making sure they are in school and making school a priority in everyone’s home is a great idea. Parents need to turn off the electronics and spend “quiet” time with their children. Helping them with homework is also a great idea.

Again, it comes down to priorities. Kids going to school needs to be No. 1.

Lori Mundis