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Letter: City’s snowplow drivers need to do a better job

City’s snowplow drivers need to do a better job

Snowplowing this year seems to be the worst I can recall in many years. When plows are needed, they don’t seem to be readily available, and when we do not need a plow because our street is clear curb to curb, one comes and leaves a mess that is beyond reason.

We are seeing cleared sidewalks buried with 2 to 3 feet of snow from the plows. Often this is happening more than once a day, and all they are doing is knocking the mounds down that are between the sidewalk and curb, only to have the residents shovel it all back.

There seems to be little regard when plows are passing pedestrians, who are being splashed with snow. In such cases, the plows should decrease their speed.

Buildings are being splattered unnecessarily with snow because of the high speed and recklessness of some plow drivers. Front windows are being showered with an array of ice and snow as the speeding plows race past the properties at speeds no driver should attempt, especially on a side street.

Though a street is already well plowed, the plows come again and leave a total disaster for pedestrians. Are the drivers just plowing to create overtime for themselves? Often, they are just knocking snow mounds all over the place, so that residents have to start all over again. These drivers obviously are poorly trained, or simply do not care about what they are doing.

The responses of Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak minimize how poor snowplowing has been this year and pass it off as just a rough winter.

I do, however, want to acknowledge the many good snowplow drivers this year, which only gives credence that the bad drivers could do better.

Marc Pasquale

South Buffalo