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Letter: Wind farms don’t hurt nearby property values

Wind farms don’t hurt nearby property values

Reports of technology advances are good news for those concerned about a life-sustaining environment for our grandchildren. The Tesla Corp. has a battery that will store solar panel electricity for nighttime household use. New York State offers a reward to small efficient independent power grids to encourage renewable energy. And the Town of Somerset is considering a wind farm.

According to The News, the Somerset supervisor says that most local comments support wind development. Predictably, the fossil fuel-funded propaganda machine has also checked in with the fear-inducing allegations that crop up in advance of every wind energy installation.

One of the claims is that property values will decline. Scholarly research refutes this charge in many studies, such as that of the University of Guelph, Ont., stating, “Wind turbine developments have no effect on property values of nearby homes and farms.”

A claim that “This is a failed technology in Europe” hardly applies to Denmark and Germany, which provide 30 percent to 40 percent of their energy needs with wind and solar.

Concerning bird casualties, thorough studies of bird migration routes are made before siting wind farms.

Another unproven charge is that wind turbines cause “wind power syndrome.” Not widely known is that the alleged condition was invented and named by a single doctor who interviewed 23 “sufferers” by telephone and concluded that such a disease exists. It has not been recognized by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There is still a chance that our fossil fuel-damaged planet could remain livable if the effort to stir up hysteria were directed at pursuing alternative energy solutions before it’s too late.

Janet M. Goodsell

Grand Island