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Letter: Paladino is pushing board down right path

Paladino is pushing board down right path

Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino was elected to the Park District seat in 2013 after Lou Petrucci decided not to run for another term. Petrucci was a low-key, non-vocal and passive board member, often going with the status quo during his tenure.

Paladino defeated Adrian Harris with an agenda to turn the School Board around by bringing credibility and stability and eliminating waste, failed practices and indecisiveness pertaining to protocol.

Now Paladino’s dogmatic ways are being questioned as too white, too wealthy and showing a disregard to the so-called sisterhood faction of the board. In addition, hierarchy from Albany and a consultant studying the district’s admissions criteria are crying foul due to the direction that the board is moving ahead with the so-called white majority.

Well, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” could be the battle cry. And guess what? It’s not falling on deaf ears, but opening eyes to the public that the board is headed in the right direction.

In the past dozen or so years, where were the hierarchy from Albany or the consultants when we had three minority superintendents who failed miserably, holding the city and its School Board members hostage and dormant, only to rip off the taxpayers by obtaining financial windfalls while the “sisterhood” did nothing but acknowledge their unsuccessful ways?

Anthony Hammill