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Letter: Simon’s review overlooks dark side of human nature

Simon’s review overlooks dark side of human nature

In Jeff Simon’s movie review on Feb. 13, he admonishes his readers to view “Fifty Shades of Grey” as “a romantic fantasy, pure and simple, wherein the whole point is to domesticate real world behavior into the perfectly controlled unrealities of the imagination for readers and moviegoers who never have to suffer a scratch.”

Simon reveals a woefully naive understanding of the dark side of human nature. Does he honestly think that all viewers will limit these dangerous behaviors to their imaginations? He describes the target audience for this movie as women who want to fulfill their “fantasy needs.” Who taught Simon about women’s needs? Does he truly believe any woman needs to fantasize about being abused? Furthermore, does he really believe women are the only ones going to see this movie? It’s far too common to hear stories in the news about individuals who have fed their frightening fantasies and, not surprisingly, their appetites got out of control. How many lives and families have been utterly devastated because of dangerous people acting out their fantasies?

Does Simon know nothing about adolescent behavior? How many teens who see this movie will begin to experiment with S&M? Teens do not believe they, or anyone else, will get hurt when they drive at reckless speeds. Do we not see that our own flesh and blood will be gravely harmed if our culture begins to accept sadistic and masochistic fantasies as funny or, even worse, as romantic. It’s hard to understand how a father can write about “whips, handcuffs and pulleys” and then mention his daughter a few paragraphs later.

Kathleen Lilley

Orchard Park