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Sports talk: Letters for Feb. 1

Brady’s determination sets high standard

After reading a recent article in Sports Illustrated about Tom Brady, I will be pulling for the Patriots in the Super Bowl Sunday. If the Bills had a quarterback half as motivated, focused and prepared as Brady, they would not be playoff-less for 15 years running. Sadly, Jim Kelly was last Bills QB that measures up against Brady.

Mike Biondo


Inverting logos would send message

Like most Americans are aware of, displaying the American flag flying upside down is a sign of distress or an S.O.S. I am curious to see what the chances are of the Bills and Sabres wearing their jerseys upside down or just redesigning the logo upside down, so the players get serious about the leagues they play in and the generous paychecks they receive.

Bill Yeates Sr.


Downtown stadium would better things

Buffalo Bills fans have always had the reputation as being the most dedicated fans in the NFL. With talk of the stadium being built downtown and the possibility of tailgating being banished I see no reason why our reputation would be changed.

Our fans can still go to the bars and have a couple beers before games and cheer the team on. Doing away with tailgating will only make the roads safer and make the game day experience much more enjoyable for the real fans who want to enjoy the game without getting beer spilled on them and hearing foul language.

The Sabres have created an atmosphere like this so why can’t the Bills follow their example?

Marty Farrell

West Seneca

Hiring of Rex ups entertainment value

Doug Marrone left quite a trail behind when his greed overcame his senses when he bolted for the door with $4 million in his jeans.

For two years as head coach, Marrone preached team loyalty and family. Except he forgot to tell everyone those teachings didn’t apply to him.

Just weeks later, Marrone came crashing down to reality. No other team wanted him as head coach or even as an offensive coordinator. So he dropped all the way down to O-line coach in Jacksonville. Oh I know, the Jaguars tried to make it look good by adding assistant head coach-offense.

But you can be sure Marrone’s authority will extend no further than the O-line. Marrone has given new meaning to the Peter Principle.

In his wake, he caused all of his assistant coaches to join the unemployment lines, although a few have found jobs. So much for family and loyalty.

But this also speaks loudly about what the rest of the NFL thought about the Bills staff.

Doug Whaley and Russ Brandon brought us Marrone and his $4 million exit card. They’re the same pair that brought us EJ Manuel and used two first-rounders for Sammy Watkins to help EJ develop. Why Brandon and Whaley are still hanging around is a good question.

But we sometimes forget that professional football is entertainment, and Rex Ryan will provide plenty of that.

Herb Bertram

Orchard Park

Officiating in NFL called into question

Enough about Deflategate, what should be looked at is Refereegate. How many times have we seen questionable calls that are so obvious that we think, what is going on? If they don’t have anyone in the booths that can oversee some calls, they should. This would improve the integrity of the game, which is at a low end right now with everything that has happened lately.

We would hope that there is nothing being done to give an advantage to one team or another, but sometimes we wonder.

John Guzzi


Deflategate may be just a need for attention

The sports media have been jumping all over the Patriots, and creating a story that may have a logical explanation after all.

The universal gas law states that the pressure of a gas inside an enclosure is directly proportional to the temperature (expressed in degrees Kelvin). If a football is filled to a pressure of 14 psi at a room temperature of 72 degrees, then the pressure at 20 degrees (game conditions) would be 12.6 psi without anyone even touching the ball.

In addition, when considering the accuracy of the gauge of plus-minus 1 psi, the pressure reading could be off by 29 percent. So perhaps nothing has changed except the need for a story to fill the two-week gap between the championship series and the Super Bowl.

Richard Speth


Hurley’s Bulls provide plenty to shout about

All you true blue basketball fans need to take notice of the outstanding coaching job Bobby Hurley is doing at the University at Buffalo.

Coach Hurley is considered one of the best guards ever to play the collegiate game. His passion and knowledge of the game has carried over to his team. They play outstanding defense and offensively they play an attacking style which gets everyone involved, thus making for an entertaining game led by Shannon Evans, Justin Moss and Jarryn Skeete.

They normally play in front of a half-filled arena, so there are seats available. So come out and watch a very entertaining team.

Frank Daniels


Hockey All-Star Game isn’t what it used to be

I’m stating the obvious but the pageantry the NHL All-Star Game once had is lost.

I was 10 years old when the game was played in Buffalo in 1978. I still remember the pride and excitement of listening to the game on the radio. Martin scored the winner after Perreault had tied it. The Wales Conference had won.

This excitement has been replaced by feel-good team selection and light humor. Why did this change?

George Kunz


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