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Letter: Show taxpayers how much new stadium will cost them

Show taxpayers how much new stadium will cost them

It certainly is an exciting time in Buffalo Bills football history as the community ponders the location of a brand new state-of-the-art stadium with the most innovative sports amenities. Before we move forward with this grand idea, it might be a good time to determine the impact on the taxpayers of Erie County.

My suggestion is to open a referendum and allow the taxpayers to vote whether the team is worthy of our hard-earned dollars. The way I would do this is to provide the amount of increase we homeowners will pay in property taxes if the Bills build the new stadium and what is actually coming out of our pocket. I believe when most fans see the bottom-line dollar figure, they might have a less-than-excited opinion of building a new stadium or even continuing to refurbish the old one.

The product we have been provided for the last 15 years has been mediocre at best, and for the eight times a year the stadium is used, the taxpayers should ask themselves if it is really worth it. The majority of taxpayers who do not attend the games should not be subjected to having to pay for this “entertainment.”

David A. Gawel

Lake View