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Letter: Volunteer gardeners enjoy beautifying communities

Volunteer gardeners enjoy beautifying communities

As a proud longtime member of the Village of Williamsville’s all-volunteer Beautification team, and on behalf of the hundreds of other volunteer gardeners in Western New York, I applaud garden writer/expert Sally Cunningham for her insightful article that brought to much-needed light the work of the many volunteers who beautify our public gardens.

Why do we do it? We volunteer because we are proud of our communities. We do it because we value nature’s beauty and we know how much beautiful landscapes add to the intrinsic value of living in our particular hometowns. Our Main Streets and public spaces are enriched a hundredfold by the tireless efforts of humble backyard gardeners who are happy to beautify our communities’ public front yards.

Who are we? We are forces of nature who recognize the importance of greenspace to the public eye. Hooray for all those dirty-kneed citizens out there who “dig it” for the sake of beautifying our communities, one flower at a time.

We know that most people who drive by while we are bending over planting, weeding or deadheading these very visible gardens (showing our best sides) think that we are paid workers/landscapers, not realizing that we are volunteers. We don’t do it for the recognition, but it certainly was rewarding to see that Cunningham made the why and the wherefore of our presence known.

Deb Habes