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Letter: Poor leadership created many of district’s problems

Poor leadership created many of district’s problems

When is someone going to ask the question that is like the proverbial elephant in the room? If Buffalo gets so much more money than other districts, where does it go? Not in the teachers’ pockets, I can assure you. Not to the classrooms, either.

Take a look at the last two superintendents hired by the Buffalo Board of Education, namely James Williams and Pamela Brown. Both of these individuals hired deputy superintendents, assistant superintendents, consultants and all types of support staff to do their job for them. They hired all their cronies, whether they were qualified or not. And when they finally left, they had to be paid obscene amounts of money to leave.

Anybody remember the “specialist” from Florida? She didn’t work for free either. If I remember correctly, that was the State Education Department’s idea.

Eileen Bennett