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Letter: Disgusting ads prompt viewers to turn channel

Disgusting ads prompt viewers to turn channel

Gruesome and gory anti-smoking ads have been offensive and disturbing for some time. This latest ad crosses the line.

Just because a small percentage of the population still smokes is no reason that the rest of us should be subjected to bloody pictures of human organs in the middle of evening news or prime-time programming.

Whenever one of these ads comes on the screen, I change the channel or turn the TV off as quickly as possible, and I don’t think I am the only one. Other advertisers should realize that if their ads are running on the same programming as these public service ads, fewer people are viewing their ads because they have already changed the channel.

It is even more aggravating to think that my tax dollars are paying for these horrible ads. If the campaign won’t clean up its act, the local TV stations should refuse to run them.

April Peters