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Jan. 30, 1990: Wegmans explains Buffalo/Rochester price differences

Twenty-five years ago, Wegmans was Buffalo’s third most popular grocery store with 16 percent of the market share. Tops was ahead of Wegmans with 40 percent, Bells had 25 percent, and Super Duper was just behind Wegmans with 15 percent.

Price disparities between Wegmans’ stores in Buffalo and its stores in Rochester, where the chain had a 72 percent share of the market, raised the ire of union forces here in Buffalo. Wegmans was then, and remains now, largely non-unionized.

The article reads:

"A LOCAL LABOR union spokesman is charging that Wegmans -- the only largely non-union supermarket chain in the Buffalo area -- is artificially lowering prices here in an effort to dominate the market.

"To back up the claim, the United Auto Workers Local 774 newsletter recently published a list comparing Wegmans' Buffalo prices with those in its Rochester stores. Buffalo prices were lower than those in Rochester, the study showed."


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