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Jan. 30, 1990: A quarter-century later, conservation of grain elevators still a priority

Preservation is very trendy in Buffalo, and there are many “urban explorers” and other young people excited about Buffalo’s past and Buffalo’s future who feel like they’ve discovered the greatness of the city’s grain elevators over the last few years.

It’s true; the hulking, unique form of architecture and industrial heritage has been celebrated and embraced like never before in recent years.

Also true, however, is the fact that "grain elevator love" has been “Columbused” by those who think no one cared before. The term, coined and spread through internet meme, is a reference to how Columbus “discovered America” while native people had lived here for hundreds and thousands of years.

In the same way, grain elevators have been fought for and cared about for at least the last 25 years.

"Grain elevator’s fate is shaky"

"The controversy over what to do with the last brick-box grain elevator on Buffalo's waterfront pits concerns for economic progress against the desire to preserve the city's architectural heritage."

"Grain elevator may be ugly, but it merits landmark status"

"Demolition, for a building, is death, the final thing with no second chances. Landmark status provides a useful waiting period. The Great Northern is worth that measure of protection."

28 jan 1990 grain elevator 26

28 jan 1990 grain elevator

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