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It seems to us: Marshawn does it his way, goodbye to airborne kitsch and Mitt shows some consideration

Like the accused on the witness stand repeatedly invoking his right to remain silent, Marshawn Lynch answered all 29 questions put to him on Super Bowl media day with a variation on: “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

The running back, a fan favorite in Seattle after wearing out his welcome in Buffalo, is in the running for most unlikable player in the big game. He was fined $100,000 by the league this year for ducking the media, preferring that his actions speak for him. That apparently includes his crotch-grabbing touchdown celebration in the NFC Championship Game. We hear you, Marshawn, we hear you.

Now what will we do at 35,000 feet? It’s a tradition. You board the plane and, before long, you reach for your copy of SkyMall to search for an unlikely – which is to say, preposterous – something that you could buy during a flight, even though you most assuredly didn’t need it. Like the life-size statue of Bigfoot. Or the Night Glow Toilet Seat.

But not longer. SkyMall has filed for bankruptcy. Its captive audience vanished with the arrival of in-flight Internet, which not only gives people something else to do, but often allowed them to find the same products for notably less money.

Still, it’s another ritual that is on its way out. Goodbye, Bigfoot ($99.95-$2,250). So long, Magic Showerhead ($59.99-$99.99). Godspeed, Kitty A Go Go Litterbox ($129.99). Flying won’t be the same without you.

At least Mitt Romney was considerate enough to bow out quickly. Unlike Donald Trump, who drags out his make-believe political aspirations, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee announced on Friday that he won’t run again for president.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate, is talking – after a fashion – about running for president. Does anyone seriously thinks she’s serious?

So, why is that people who aren’t going to run want to pretend they are while some of those who probably are going to run – we’re talking about you, Hillary Clinton – won’t fess up?

Not that we’re anxious for the race to start.