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Letter: Sedita should have let grand jury indict suspect

Sedita should have let grand jury indict suspect

Shame on Frank Sedita and the District Attorney’s Office for encouraging the grand jury to change its vote in regard to indicting the driver of the SUV who killed Barry Moss. Not enough evidence? Why did the jury initially vote to indict her? Let’s face it, people have been indicted when there’s not even a body!

The problem with our judicial system is that money and connections make a difference. Look at Dr. James Corasanti, who got a slap on the wrist after crying that he didn’t know he had hit Alix Rice. It didn’t matter that he was drunk and texting.

It continues to amaze me that there are those in our society who won’t accept responsibility for their actions. Life is a series of choices and it would behoove everyone if people would think of the consequences before acting. And that’s not just for the criminals out there. It’s for all of us who deal with any other human being in our everyday life.

Bonnie Johnson