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Letter: Did Cuomo shelve panel to protect corrupt pals?

Did Cuomo shelve panel to protect corrupt pals?

The arrest of Sheldon Silver was long overdue. Indeed it might have happened last year if Gov. Andrew Cuomo hadn’t prematurely disbanded the Moreland Commission. The U.S. attorney took over the commission’s material and investigation, and came to this assessment of Silver’s corruption. Might one reasonably presume that disbanding the commission was done in an effort to protect Silver and other corrupt politicians in Albany? Might the commission have even been getting too close to the governor? How many more Albany stalwarts will be caught up in this? Don’t you wish the governor had allowed the commission to complete its job and issue a report before last November’s elections? Voters deserved knowledge of this culture of corruption.

As an example of the pervasive corruption in Albany, on Jan. 23 The News printed a list of 31 elected state leaders “mired in legal or ethical issues in the recent past.” I would have added Silver, Sam Hoyt and Marc Panepinto, who was recently elected to the State Senate despite having pleaded guilty to election fraud, so let’s call it 34 people. Here’s a shocker: six Republicans and 28 Democrats. So of course The News chose to feature a picture of a Republican who’s been acquitted twice. Another shocker is that 28 of the 34 are either from New York City (vast majority) or three adjacent counties. I wouldn’t want to imply that this shows an endemic pattern of corruption at that end of the state, but …

Chuck Godfrey