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Letter: Corruption abounds in Democratic Party

Corruption abounds in Democratic Party

I get no satisfaction from writing this. The facts are pathetic and the numbers should astonish every voter, regardless of party affiliation. An article in The News on Jan. 23 listed New York State politicians who went down in a flame of selfishness. Of the 31 listed, 25 were Democrats and six were Republican. This speaks volumes to the leadership of each party.

The titular head of the National Democratic Party, President Obama, as well as leaders down to the local level have, sadly, transformed a party once trusted to serve all into a self-serving, non-ethical, agenda-driven disaster. No one should gloat or take solace in these facts, especially since the nation has until the 2016 election to reap the negative benefits of this horrendous behavior.

Unlike the fuzzy math we get from the current administration in Washington, the numbers in The News are sadly accurate. Nothing will change until each individual voter searches his heart and recalibrates his moral compass to decide if he wishes to be a tacit accomplice to the rampant corruption of the Democratic Party.

Michael Palko