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Jan. 29, 1990: 'Board heads' more welcome at area ski slopes

Twenty-five years ago this winter, the snowboarder was finally starting to feel welcome at area ski slopes.

" 'Board heads' no longer ski area outcasts"

"IT WASN'T all that long ago that somebody standing in a lift line carrying a snowboard was subject to stares (at best) and, more often than not, glares of disapproval.

"That's if the snowboarder was fortunate enough to find a ski area that would allow him on the slopes. When the snow-going surf boards made their debut a decade ago, most ski operators hid the welcome mat when 'shredders' and 'board heads' arrived on their doorstep. And the few adventurous enough to let the boarders have their fun often relegated them to the remotest of trails where they wouldn't bother the real skiers."

28 jan 1990 board heads no longer ski outcasts

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