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Jan. 29, 1990: Engine No. 30 was early example of reusing Buffalo's architectural gems

This 1907 Buffalo firehouse, Engine No. 30, was built on Southside Parkway near South Park Avenue for horse-drawn fire apparatus.

It was decommissioned in 1984, and a few years later, neighbors wanted to see something special done to the property.

By 1990, as a part of Mayor Jimmy Griffin’s plan to “protect and preserve older homes and buildings,” the ribbon was cut on the renovated space that would soon open as senior housing.

"Renovated firehouse becomes housing for elderly"

"Mayor Griffin stated at the ribbon-cutting ceremony this past week that the quality of life in Buffalo will be maintained in the new decade by insuring that his administration will continue to protect and preserve the older homes and buildings as well as to plan for future new construction in every district of the city.

" 'Like many other American cities, Buffalo is undergoing a renaissance, but with a difference. There is an intensive property renovation and conversion under way, as well as new, single-family construction,' the mayor continued."

27 jan 1990 old firehouse become home for elderly

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