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Six tips for overindulgers during the Super Bowl

Don’t concern yourself with what the Patriots and Seahawks are doing to prepare for Sunday’s Super Bowl in Phoenix.

Football fans, who typically celebrate the big game with overflowing buffet tables and open bars, also need to get ready for the season’s grand finale.

A Manhattan gastroenterologist has come up with a list of tips to avoid stomach upset after the big game. Stomach upset caused by over-consumption, that is.

1. Hours before kickoff, fill up on fiber. Eat a balanced breakfast that includes whole grains and fresh fruit, Dr. Shawn Khodadadian advises.

2. During the game, remember that fatty, fried or acidic foods can worsen symptoms of reflux. And spicy foods can wreak havoc on the stomach lining.

3. Lay off spicy salsa and, heaven forbid, hot wings. Stick to vegetables and hummus dip.

4. If you’re going to drink, don’t drink on an empty stomach. But a combination of bubbly beer, salty snacks and the aforementioned spicy foods isn’t the way to go.

5. To lessen the chance of gastritis from drinking too much alcohol, switch occasionally to a tall glass of water. And have someone else drive you home.

6. If you ignore this advice, the doctor has suggestions for dealing with the fallout.

Avoid painkillers such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen – especially if you use them frequently. For fast-acting relief from heavy, fatty foods, antacids are best for heartburn.

If your post-game distress is related to what happened on the field, remember this: There’s always next year.