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Polaroids make a comeback among today’s youth

We live in a digital age. In any given coffee shop or store, you can see teens carefully positioning their phones in their hands or against a table to create the perfect angle. But for what purpose? Many times, you can bet that they are trying to capture the moment to post on Instagram.

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing app that has captured the creativity of countless teens. For years, they have competed to post the most artsy photos, with the best filters, and gain the most likes.

This and other digital photo technologies make it seem that photography with film and ink has become a lost art. However, an interesting trend has recently been on the rise.

The Polaroid camera, an iconic photographical feat of the 20th century, is making a major comeback in popularity among today’s youth. However, this comeback is by no means a threat to digital photo sharing.

Polaroids and Instagram have become integrated in a way. If you look at the Instagram postings of many celebrities, such as Emma Roberts, for example, you can view their proudly displayed masterpieces. Photographs are taken with a Polaroid camera, placed against a textured background, and then digitally captured to upload to Instagram.

The Polaroid company has recently been releasing a variety of cameras clearly aimed at younger generations. They come in cool color options and patterns such as snake skin and golf balls.

Polaroid’s most intriguing invention may be its latest release: the Polaroid Socialmatic. This camera not only instantly prints photographs, but also has Wi-Fi capabilities to allow for instant uploading to Instagram and other social media. The Socialmatic promotes online photo sharing, all while remaining connected to Polaroid’s roots.

Although images easily can be produced with smartphones, there is something special about Polaroid cameras that new generations are discovering. It may initially seem ironic that people take Polaroids only to post them digitally on Instagram. However, this new trend is a unique way to preserve memories.

Due to Polaroid’s long history, every Polaroid photograph has a vintage look to it. The white rim around the photo even gives you space to write what is occurring in the photograph. The combination of these two factors provides a sentimental product that is difficult to compare to other images.

Wherever Polaroid photos are displayed, whether it be in your bedroom or on Instagram, they are sure to capture memories.

Tracy Werick is a senior at City Honors.