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Jan. 28, 1990: Ideas sought for the Bethlehem Steel site

Written 25 years ago this week, this story highlights a discussion of what is to come of the Bethlehem Steel site in Lackawanna that continues to this day.

"Why not waste industries on the old Bethlehem site?"

"To believe that this site is a future safe recreational or park paradise is to cultivate delusion. Built on slag, it served for nearly a century as the location for one of the largest fully integrated steel plants in the world. The site contains patches of contamination. It is littered with industrial furniture, such as 70 miles of railroad tracks.

"This is no Garden of Eden. Realistic hopes for its development focus on industrial and commercial, rather than recreational or residential, uses -- although land at the edge of Lake Erie should certainly be preserved, if at all possible, for possible trails and open space."

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