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Falls man forcibly taken into custody

NIAGARA FALLS – Police responding to a call of a man with a weapon originally thought they were dealing with a knife, but later learned it was a large, two-pronged fork on Tuesday.

Police met with a cab driver who said a man with a large knife and a pink hat was headed east on Cleveland Avenue at 6 p.m., Tuesday. A store clerk at the Bridgeway Mart on Main Street said the man had refused to leave the store and threatened him with a knife.

Officers converged on the subject, who refused to take his hands out of his pocket or stop walking. When he began advancing on officers he was ordered at gunpoint to stop. He then began to run with police chasing. He was forcibly taken into custody at 11th Street and Cleveland Avenue.

The suspect who was identified as James L. Seright, 42, of 21st Street, was charged with burglary, menacing and resisting arrest. He was treated and released from Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center for minor injuries, prior to being booked.

The clerk told police Seright had started an altercation and then refused to leave the store. The clerk told police Seright threatened him and brandished a two-pronged fork. The fork, which was originally believed to have been a knife, was found on the ground in the 1000 block of Cleveland Avenue.