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Sources: Ch.4's Postles has a new 2-year deal; Its weather dance pair looks silly

It looks like the other Don – anchor Don Postles – at Channel 4 is safe.

According to multiple sources, the man who has anchored at all three local broadcast stations that do news has agreed to a new two-year deal at the CBS affiliate.

Channel 4 General Manager Rene LaSpina declined to confirm the deal for Postles, who has been at the station for 22 years after previously working at Channel 7 and Channel 2.

In an email, LaSpina wrote “for competitive reasons we don’t discuss contract issues publicly.”

However, it appears that Postles has discussed his contract privately because word of his renewal has leaked out.

A two-year deal would give the station time to find the eventual replacement for Postles, who is the station’s primary male co-anchor.

There is no one on the current staff who would appear to be a likely successor to Postles, who graduated from college 40 years ago and is in his 60s.

Channel 7 is a similar boat. It recently signed Keith Radford to a new two-year deal that runs until November of 2016, which is after his 65th birthday. That gives the ABC affiliate time to find his successor or determine if Jeff Russo is up to the job after switching from news to sports.

Meanwhile, the first night of the awkward dance that finds Channel 4 meteorologists Don Paul and Todd Santos working together at 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. had its start Monday.

The weather dance pairing looked as silly as it sounded before it began. Paul delivered the local weather forecast from the set, telling viewers that Santos would be giving the seven-day forecast and national weather shortly. Santos soon arrived away from the set to do just that.

There may be a way to have two meteorologists work the same newscast but this clearly isn’t it. It had the awkwardness of an arranged marriage. It reminded me of a baseball game, with Paul as the starter. Instead of a pitch count, he appeared to have a word count before giving way to his reliever – Santos.

I’m sure even at age 66 Paul could get through the seven-day forecast all by himself and he’d probably do so without making his co-anchors as uncomfortable as they looked occasionally Monday during the process.

Here’s an idea. Perhaps Channel 4 could borrow a page from CNN’s laugh out-loud Blizzardmobile and send Santos out looking for snow or high winds in Western New York and get him outside the studio.

On Monday night, CNN anchor Don Lemon was in the Blizzardmobile making me laugh louder than I have during any episode of “Modern Family” this season as he looked for snow in New York City that didn’t arrive to any significant degree until hours later.

I don’t know if Paul would even characterize what New York City received this morning as a blizzard since it appeared on NBC’s “Today” that the city was spared from the weather crisis that had been predicted and only received about six inches.

In all seriousness, if the Paul-Santos pairing is going to work, Channel 4 better find a way to get one of them outside on occasion to avoid the awkwardness of the situation that isn’t good for either of them.

As it stands presently, Paul looks diminished and Santos looks superfluous.

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