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Jan. 27, 1990: Jeff Simon and Gilbert Gottfreid walk into a bar….

Really. The bar was The Tralfamadore Café where Gottfreid was set to perform two shows 25 years ago tonight.

The News’ elder statesman of eloquence tried to play it straight as he interviewed the man who might now be described as comedy’s elder statesman of annoying.

Gottfreid would have none of Simon’s probative volleys.

This piece is fun to read, mostly because it’s virtually impossible to not hear Gottfreid’s voice and see Gottfreid’s scrunchy face as you do.

Comedian Gilbert Gottfreid’s manic mirror on the world

What was it like trying to survive on the worst year of "Saturday Night Live" ever?

It was like punishment for something I did in a previous life. I must have been Hitler before this. It was right after the original cast left. They were attacking the show before it even went on the air. They were saying how bad it could be. If they had just waited until it got on the air, they'd have seen how bad it was. If people could only be more patient.

What was it like when everyone in the cast was fired except Joe Piscopo?

At that point I really didn't care. It's just as well. I don't think anyone's ever left "Saturday Night Live" with good feelings. If you asked most people, they'd have weird feelings about it. Right now, after all these years, saying "the worst season in the history of 'Saturday Night Live' " is like saying "the issue of Playboy with the naked girl in it." No one expects the show to be funny anymore.

What was the atmosphere like (as a cast member) on "Thicke of the Night"?

Can we talk about cancer instead? Something light?

27 jan 1990 jeff simon on gilbert gottfried

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