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Heavyweight blizzard bout: Buffalo 2014 vs. Boston 2015

You've seen the video.

It's snowing and blowing in New England - really bad.

The Blizzard of 2015 ("Winter Storm Juno" for you Weather Channel junkies) is generating around-the-clock news on cable television.

Billed an another potentially devastating storm of "historic" proportions affecting millions along the East Coast, The Weather Channel dispatched about dozen meteorologists to provide on-the-ground reports from the Big Apple to Beantown.

Hurricane force winds. Feet of "Ocean-Effect Snow." A four-foot storm surge.

But, is this big nor'easter Buffalo bad?

East Aurora native Shawn Mascia, who now lives in Charlotte, N.C., gained national attention Tuesday running to work through Boston's blizzard in nothing more than a business suit and gloves.

Shawn Mascia. Photo taken from ABC News video.

Shawn Mascia. Photo taken from ABC News video.

Mascia, who happened to be visiting his East Aurora home the week of the double lake-effect storm in November, told an ABC News crew Tuesday that, by comparison, New England's storm this week is "like spring break.”

From a statistical point of view, here's how a "seven-game series" between Buffalo's team of three major snowstorms of 2014 would stack up against this week's blizzard in Boston:

ONE- Total Snowfall (NWS office) Winner: BOSTON, 19.3 inches. Nor'easter 2015.

BNIA, 17.6 inches (January blizzard); 16.9 inches (November); 13.8 inches (March Blizzard 2.0).

Boston leads series, 1-0.


TWO- Peak Regional Snowfall Winner: BUFFALO, 88 inches (Cowlesville). November 2014.

Lunenburg, Mass., 36 inches (Nor'easter); Orchard Park, 22 inches (January 2014); Kenmore, 15.1 inches (March Blizzard 2.0).

Series tied, 1-1.


THREE- Highest Wind Gust (NWS office) Winner: BUFFALO, 60 mph. January 2014.

Buffalo, 47 mph (March Blizzard); Boston, 45 mph (Nor'easter); Buffalo, 39 mph (November).

Buffalo leads series, 2-1.


FOUR- Highest Regional Wind Gust Winner: BOSTON, 76 mph (Nantucket). Nor'easter 2015.

Not >76 mph, WNY (January, March or December)

Series tied, 2-2.


FIVE- Lowest Temperature Winner: BUFFALO, minus-5 degrees. January 2014.

Buffalo, 11 degrees (March); Boston (Nor'easter) and Buffalo (November), 14 degrees.

Buffalo leads series, 3-2.


SIX- Storm Surge: BOSTON, they've got an ocean.

Series tied, 3-3.


SEVEN- Duration: BUFFALO, 4.5 days (Nov. 17-21). November 2014.

Buffalo, 3 days (Jan. 6-8, 2014); Boston, 2 days (Jan. 26-27, 2015); Buffalo, 1 day (March 12, 2014).

Buffalo wins series, 4-3.



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