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Dunkirk Dave set to make prediction on Groundhog Day

Dunkirk Dave, the local groundhog who’ll make his annual appearance on Monday to provide his prediction for the remainder of the winter season, will have a helping hand from Brooks Memorial Hospital Employees this year.

When Dave appears and begins searching for his shadow at sunrise – around 7:30 a.m. – hospital employees will cheer him on. They’ll also give donations to Bob Will, Dave’s handler and the manager of the Dunkirk Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, where the groundhog calls home.

Will said the local groundhog has a 93 percent accuracy rate in determining whether there will be an additional six weeks of winter, by using the old-fashioned method of emerging from his burrow and searching for his shadow on the ground.

Will brought Dave to Dunkirk in the spring of 2005 for rehabilitation after he found it was found injured.

Hospital employees from Brooks have been gathering supplies for rehabilitation center including gift cards, latex gloves and linens.

The event Monday will be held at Will’s home at 5117 Farmlane Drive in Dunkirk.