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Letter: Terrorists aren’t afraid of civilians bearing arms

Terrorists aren’t afraid of civilians bearing arms

The Jan. 18 letter, “Right to bear arms may help deter terrorist acts,” was quite the chuckle.

True, ISIS to our knowledge hasn’t made an attack on America like in France so far. But I doubt it’s because the terrorists are afraid of getting into a shootout with a civilian. They’re more than willing to get in a firefight with soldiers and police officers. A bullet from a civilian is the same as a bullet from police or the military.

Besides, we’ve had plenty of spree killers. Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Colorado theater, the Sikh temple, Columbine High School and numerous others have happened.

The reason the shootings in Paris were so newsworthy is that it was a rare event. Here, we’ve had plenty of them before ISIS was a glimmer in a terrorist’s eye.

If there’s anything keeping the Islamic terrorists from doing what happened at Charlie Hebdo here, I believe it’s the fact that mass shootings have become so commonplace in America that it would require a body count of 20 or more to make the national news.

Larry Schultz