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Jan. 26, 1990: Alexander Mogilny’s fear of flying

For decades now the fodder of jokes among Sabres fans, and for some even proof of a Buffalo sports curse—one of the great scorers to ever wear a Sabres jersey couldn’t handle rides in airplanes.

On this day 25 years ago, News hockey writer Jim Kelley made his first of many mentions—and asked his first questions—about Alexander Mogilny, and his fear of flying.  Over the coming weeks, the star winger would consider quitting the NHL the anxiety was so strong.

Stomach disorder has sidelined Mogilny

Alexander Mogilny has a problem.

Just what the problem is -- and how serious it is -- is open to question.

Briefly stated, the "flu" that has sidelined the Buffalo Sabres forward for the past two games is more along the lines of an intestinal disorder brought about by a combination of things, one of which may involve flying.

"Alex has a stomach disorder, and some nervousness over flying might have contributed to that," Buffalo Sabres General Manager Gerry Meehan said. "Alex is legitimately sick and is home and in bed. I don't want to leave the impression that flying is the only reason. It's likely that a combination of things have contributed to a stomach disorder right now.

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