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Answers to Bucky Gleason's Super Bowl quiz

Here are the answers to Bucky Gleason's Super Bowl quiz.

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1. Bud Grant, Don Shula, Dan Reeves.

2. Duane Starks (Ravens), Ron Dixon (Giants), Jermaine Lewis (Ravens).

3. Donovan McNabb, with 357 yards in a loss to New England in Super Bowl XXXIX.

4. Forrest Gregg, the losing coach for the Bengals in Super Bowl XVI, and Herb Adderley.

5. Cleveland, Detroit, Houston and Jacksonville.

6. Lynn Swan, John Stallworth, Cliff Branch and Antonio Freeman.

7. Dan Marino and Donovan McNabb.

8. Denver’s Red Miller against Dallas in Super Bowl XII in the Superdome.

9. Denver’s Terrell Davis, against Green Bay in Super Bowl XXXII.

10. Ricky Sanders with two, Gary Clark and Clint Didier.

11. Dallas in a 35-31 defeat to Pittsburgh in Super Bowl XIII and San Francisco in a 34-31 loss to Baltimore in Super Bowl XLVII.

12. Timmy Smith, Washington; Marcus Allen, L.A. Raiders; John Riggins, Washington; Franco Harris, Pittsburgh; Terrell Davis, Denver.

13. San Diego’s Mark Seay and Alfred Pupunu, in a loss to San Francisco in Super Bowl XXIX.

14. Gene Upshaw, who played for the Raiders in Super Bowl II, XI and XVI; Jerry Rice, who played for the 49ers and Raiders in Super Bowl XXIII, XXIV, XXIX and XXXVII; Bill Romanowski, who played for the 49ers, Broncos and Raiders in Super Bowl XXIII, XXIV, XXXII, XXXIII and XXXVII.

15. Miami in VI; Denver in XXIV; Atlanta in XXXIII.

16. Jim McMahon, who failed to throw a touchdown pass in the Bears’ 46-10 rout of the Patriots in Super Bowl XX.

17. Buffalo’s Steve Christie, 54 yards, against Dallas in Super Bowl XXVIII.

18. Minnesota while losing to Pittsburgh in Super Bowl IX. Miami was held to a field goal while losing to Dallas in Super Bowl VI.

19. Zero.

20. Dallas (1977-78), Washington (1982-83) and Green Bay (1996-97).

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