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A Super Bowl trivia quiz to get you game-day ready

Today marks the 24th anniversary of Super Bowl XXV, the perfect time for people from my generation and older to test our memories. Sure, you know Scott Norwood missed wide right from 47 yards, but how much do you recall about a game you thought would never be forgotten?

For example, who scored the first Bills’ touchdown in that game? Why it was Don Smith, who scored from the 1 in the second quarter on his only carry in the game. You remember Thurman Thomas rushing for 135 yards on 15 carries, but do you remember the Bills’ second-leading rusher?

Jim Kelly.

Super Bowl history is littered with innocuous facts and figures, and more will emerge Sunday when New England and Seattle play Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Ariz. Tom Brady is playing in his sixth Super Bowl, tying former Bills nose tackle Mike Lodish for most ever.

Charles Haley owns the most Super Bowl rings, of course, with five. He won two with the 49ers and three with the Cowboys. Quick, where did he play college ball? James Madison. Sorry, but this is what happens when you start combing through Super Bowl history. One question leads to another.

Bill Belichick doesn’t have time for trivial matters, but I do. Here are 20 questions about the Super Bowl, some easier than others, to get you mentally prepared for Sunday.

1. Bills fans know Marv Levy was the losing coach in four Super Bowls, but three other coaches also share that distinction. Name them.

2. In the Ravens’ 34-7 win over the Giants in Super Bowl XXXV, three players scored touchdowns on returns in a 36-second span of the third quarter. Name them.

3. Kurt Warner holds the top three single-game passing yardage totals in Super Bowls. Who is next on the list?

4. The Packers won the first two Super Bowls, but can you name the two players from that team who also won Super Bowl VI with Dallas? Hint: One of them also lost a Super Bowl as a coach.

5. Which four teams have never played in a Super Bowl?

6. Jerry Rice has eight career touchdown catches in Super Bowls and is the only player with three TDs in separate games. Only four other receivers have scored more than two in their Super Bowl careers. Can you name them?

7. Quarterbacks have attempted 50 or more passes four times in Super Bowl history, all in losing efforts. Jim Kelly did it twice. Who were the other two?

8. Who was the first coach to lose the Super Bowl indoors?

9. Who is the only player to rush for three touchdowns in a Super Bowl?

10. Doug Williams threw a record four touchdown passes in the second quarter of Super Bowl XXII to lead Washington over Denver. Name the receivers who caught them.

11. Which two teams share the record for most points by losing teams in the Super Bowl?

12. Name the five running backs who have rushed for more than 150 yards in one Super Bowl game.

13. OK, analytics lovers, who were the only two players with two-point conversions in the same game? Hint: They also played for the same team.

14. Three players have appeared in Super Bowls in three different decades. Name them.

15. The Steelers in Super Bowl X against Dallas were the only team in history to win a title without being called for a penalty. Three others lost Super Bowls without being flagged. Name them.

16. Who is the only quarterback to rush for two touchdowns in a Super Bowl game?

17. Who holds the record for the longest field goal in Super Bowl history? C’mon, it’s doesn’t get much easier.

18. Two teams have scored fewer than seven points in the Super Bowl, but which one scored a touchdown in their game?

19. Andre Reed had nine touchdown catches in the postseason, but how many TDs did he score in four Super Bowl appearances?

20. Seattle could be the fourth team in history to win the Super Bowl one year and lose it the next. Name the other three.

Ready for the answers? Click here

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