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Letter: We need to keep fighting for the waterfront we want

We need to keep fighting for the waterfront we want

It appears that the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. is rethinking its plan for the Outer Harbor. We, the people, must keep the pressure on the ECHDC to do the right thing.

The original plan called for mass housing complexes that would obscure the waterfront and ruin natural habitat, benefitting only a few developers who care nothing for nature or the common people. Now that thousands of people, in the form of letters and online petitions, have protested that plan, even the nearsighted ECHDC has decided to consider other options.

I say, good work, everyone, but don’t let up now. The rich and politically connected would love for us to look the other way and grow silent, just so they can develop a plan – quietly, of course – to destroy what we all own, our waterfront.

Keep sending letters, signing petitions, calling politicians and telling everyone our fight is not over yet. It is our life, our town and our waterfront.

Dave Kaetzel