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Letter: Senseless violence claims life of a good young man

Senseless violence claims life of a good young man

It was just yesterday when I called Dekhym Reese’s name for attendance. Dekhym, you were a kid who made me smile with your jokes, gave me a hard time once in a while, but mostly you gave me insight into a young teenager’s soul. You were a good kid taken too early. I was hurt when I heard the news. Confused, growing, coming of age, you were a kid who gave to a community of learning, growing and living.

We were family. I spent more time with you over our two years than I did with my own family. You were a good kid! You were aloof at times, but aren’t we all? I watched you grow from a boy to a man. It isn’t fair that the world took you from us like this. You will be missed by your school community more than you will ever imagine.

You added to my growth as a person because I believe I showed you a way down a path that I hoped was in the right direction. I remember the discussion I had with your mother about your change in life, the way you were growing and the path you were choosing. I believe I reached you a little when we had that talk. Maybe. You got quiet as you got older, more shy. I’m not sure why.

Your absence mystifies me in a world of hate and violence. I never once saw a sign of violence in you. I think that’s what angers me most. If you were violent, I’d get it, but I don’t. When I think of you, I think of myself, and the way the world works. What I think of myself isn’t important, but the way that senseless crimes are committed – like the one that happened to you – is disheartening. This isn’t a letter about the hate; it’s about the love for a kid that an entire building of people feel.

You’ve been liberated from a world of pain and suffering or a world of love and harmony. You won’t experience your adult world because of someone else’s insecurities. There is a monster out there who took this path from you. The world will be a much dimmer place without you in it. You will be missed, Dekhym, missed by so many – more than I’m sure you ever imagined.

Sean Martin